Multipurpose Facility Lighting

Multipurpose Facility Lighting
Courtlite Multipurpose Facility Lighting
Courtlite’s T5 fluorescent gym fixture is the perfect solution for any sports facility.

Courtlite offers solutions for basketball and racquetball courts and gyms. Like our tennis solutions, our state-of-the-art multipurpose facility lighting improves energy usage and reduces maintenance costs.

Indoor sports activities require substantial light levels and light quality; however, achieving this with old technology is becoming very expensive. More than likely, your existing lighting system is either 400-watt or 1,000-watt metal halides, which are very inefficient by today’s standards. Our T5 fluorescent Gym Fixture is the perfect solution for any sports facility. Most projects will experience a 50% reduction in energy while substantially increasing the light quality.

Our Gym Fixtures are engineered specifically for sports facilities, and feature a durable body and quality components to resist impacts that are common in sports facilities. Light quality for indoor sports activities is greatly important and beneficial to patrons. Much like the quality of the sporting equipment used, poor lighting can make a hugely negative impact to the performance of the individuals playing. Higher quality lights not only enhance performance, but they can reduce the risk of injury for the players.

Our Big Gym Fixtures turn on and off instantly, allowing total control – unlike the existing metal halides that take 12-14 minutes to warm up. It has been our experience that most facilities that use metal halide lamps leave their lights on all day, so the member/player does not have to wait for the lighting to warm-up. Our T5 lighting system can be controlled through automated systems, motion controls or manually. By switching off the lights in vacant areas, you can experience more energy savings and will also extend the maintenance cycles reducing your O and M cost.
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