Indirect Lighting

Indirect Lighting
Courtlite indirect systems provide more efficiency and higher light levels on the playing surface, as well as extremely even lighting uniformity.

Courtlite’s new Indirect LED Tennis Fixture

Courtlite Indirect Lighting Systems
Until recently, there was no efficient replacement for 1,000 watt metal halide indirect lighting systems. Today, the Courtlite Indirect tennis lighting system is the most efficient and manageable indirect lighting system available. Each Courtlite indirect lighting system is totally engineered and designed for your specific facility. Our designs also provide maximum energy reduction and improved lighting quality.

Courtlite offers two standards of indirect lighting options: Courtlite Indirect Pro and Courtlite Indirect Rec. We utilize the same Courtlite Indirect fixtures, however the design, fixture quantity, and management capabilities may differ. Contact us today for a no-cost energy audit of your existing facility or your new tennis court construction project, and let’s see just how much a new Courtlite In-Direct Lighting System can save you.

Courtlite Indirect Pro Lighting
Courtlite Indirect Pro is the ultimate tennis indirect lighting system, offering tournament light levels with dimming capabilities for recreational play. The system wattage at tournament levels is 10,848-watts per court. The system can then be switched to recreational play using only 7,232-watts per court. Using the management abilities of this system gives you a multitude of light level choices with total control of your monthly electric cost.

Courtlite Indirect Rec Lighting
Courtlite Indirect Rec lighting system is the perfect choice for recreational facilities that want to dramatically reduce their energy cost while increasing their light quality. Courtlite Indirect Rec system uses only 6,768-watts per court. When compared to metal halide indirect systems of nearly twice the wattage, the Courtlite Indirect system provides better light quality and reduces the maintenance cost by 60% plus.

Courtlite Indirect Fixture
Courtlite Indirect Fixtures feature a unique directional light output, unlike metal halide indirect fixtures that aim the light directly above the fixture and between the courts, leaving you with the highest light levels outside of the court. Courtlite directs the indirect light more towards the ceiling over the playing surface of the court, providing more efficiency and higher light levels on the playing surface, and an extremely even lighting uniformity. The heavy gauge wire guard at the top is angled so the balls will roll off if they land on top. The Courtlite unique “V” shape of the fixture will visually make the fixture appear smaller and less intrusive, yielding a modern architectural look.

Bubbles and Fabric Structures
A Courtlite Indirect tennis lighting system is the perfect lighting solution for inflatable bubble structures. Weighing just 35-lbs each and using our unique cable mounting method, the fixtures can easily be removed for seasonal bubble applications. Many bubble structures let sunlight in during the day, in which case the Courtlite fixtures can be dimmed or turned off to dramatically increase energy savings. The Courtlite indirect fixtures also run much cooler than metal halides, which helps prevent yellowing and breakdown of the bubble material.

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