Racquetball Court Lighting

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Racketball Court Lighting
Courtlite Racketball Court Lighting
Racquetball Lighting Systems
In addition to tennis lighting, Courtlite offers solutions for basketball courts, racquetball courts and gymnasiums. Like our tennis solutions, our state-of-the-art racquetball lighting improves energy usage and reduces maintenance costs.

Up until recently, racquetball court lighting has been limited to multi-purpose commercial fixtures that are very inefficient and difficult to maintain. Our fixtures are engineered specifically for racquetball applications. They produce a very high quality of light, while their design provides a nearly seamless transition between the ceiling and the fixture to minimize unexpected ball deflection.

We offer several types of lighting solutions. Most existing courts are using 250-watt or 400 watt metal halides in a standard 2’x2′ fixture. These metal halide fixtures are extremely inefficient in terms of energy use, light quality, and lumen maintenance. Courtlite offers multiple upgrade solutions for this application. One option is to provide retrofit kits that will modify your existing fixtures and substantially reduce your energy cost while significantly increasing your light quality. A second option is to replace the existing fixtures with a new Courtlite racquetball lighting system, which provides the best world-class court lighting available. Both options are available in Fluorescent or LED packages. Our racquetball lighting is instant ON and OFF, which allows for occupancy control so you only have the lights on when the courts are occupied. No matter what type of lighting your racquetball courts use now, Courtlite can provide options for an energy efficient upgrade.

Courtlite’s racquetball series of fixtures are the perfect solution for any sports facility.

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