About Courtlite Lighting Solutions

About Courtlite Lighting Solutions
Courtlite Lighting Solutions is a division of Pacific Energy Solutions (PES)– a lighting design and supply company serving the commercial and industrial business community. We have been providing improved and energy efficient lighting solutions for our customers since 2003. We service a variety of industries, including: education, sports and health club, food service, aerospace, auto sales facilities, cold storage, manufacturing, medical, health care, government, religious, and many more. We pride ourselves on offering lighting design solutions based on our customers’ illumination goals and budget criteria.

PES has experience with several lighting technologies, including T8 and T5HO fluorescent, induction, and LED. All of these light sources have positive attributes but may not be suitable for every application. With every proposal, we will offer sound advice and insight to which technology may be best for your lighting goals. PES is a trade ally with all of the major utilities in the Pacific Northwest and has worked closely with many electric utilities and contractors across North America. We will work with your local utilities to help secure financial incentives for customers that upgrade their lighting. If you are considering a lighting upgrade to your facility, please contact PES for a comprehensive analysis and recommendation for your lighting project.

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