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Allegan School District Courtlite Allegan School District
When the Allegan school district wanted an alternate design for their new field house, they contacted Courtlite for assistance. The original design called for standard metal halide fixtures to be installed, but the school was curious about more efficient forms of lighting. The facility consists of four multipurpose courts that can be converted from tennis to basketball and volleyball. The courts are surrounded by a two-lane running track.

After design consultation and light level predictions of various layouts, the school district decided on a design that consisted of the Courtlite Pro direct tennis lighting system for the court areas, with supplemental Courtlite indirect lighting at the base lines of each court. The wiring was set up so that the direct fixtures on the ends of each court can be switched off during basketball functions, which reduces glare when players are shooting from the corners of the court. The running track is illuminated with the Courtlite gym series fixtures which can also be controlled separately from the courts, so just the track can be lit when the courts are vacant.

When the project was completed in late 2013, the light levels were consistent with the design predictions, and the school district was very satisfied with the end result. The school district continues to gets many compliments on the lighting from visitors to the field house.

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