Case Study - Mill Creek Country Club

Mill Creek Country Club

The Mill Creek Country Club in Mill Creek WA was one of the first projects to adopt the Courtlite Pro Direct lighting system. The existing lighting for the three indoor tennis courts consisted of 62 1000W indirect metal halides. The indirect fixtures were suspended 16 feet above the floor and aimed at a ceiling with deteriorating insulation and exposed purlins. Courtlite’s team worked closely with the local electric utility and the clubs management to provide a first class lighting design that would help boost membership and radically reduce energy costs.

Project scope
Pacific Energy Solutions (Courtlite) approached this project with several objectives: energy reduction, better light quality, system manageability and substantial project funding from Snohomish County PUD. The Country Club decided to install the Courtlite Pro Direct lighting system which consisted of twenty four 6 lamp side style fixtures along the walls and twenty four 12 lamp center style fixtures for the rows between the courts. The Courtlite fixtures were suspended in a tiered configuration with the mounting heights ranging from 18’ to 24’ high. The existing lighting system was operating at full capacity 16 hours per day, as the 1,000-watt metal halides long warm up time made it impractical to cycle them on and off. The instant on and off capability of the Courtlite fixtures allows the facility to use multiple light levels for varying occupancy. The Courtlite Pro system is configured so it can run at 1/3 power for vacant courts, 2/3 power for recreational play and full power for high level tennis and other special events.

Prior to installing the new lighting system, the club was spending $27,000 annually to light their tennis court lighting. After the upgrade to the new Courtlite lighting system, the annual cost dropped to $10,185 per year (a 63% reduction) using the system at full power. Additional savings are being realized thru light level management.

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