Lighting Maintenance
Courtlite Lighting Maintenance
Courtlite’s technology and system design have become the new standard for indoor tennis lighting. By utilizing T5 fluorescent lighting technology, our systems significantly outperform metal halide and T12 fluorescent systems. Our lighting systems offer maximum lighting quality, up to three times the rated lamp life, reduced lighting maintenance, and significant energy savings. Reducing your operating costs does not have to include compromising quality.

Total Lighting Control and Management
Micromanagement is becoming a huge part of everyday business, and your tennis lighting is no exception. Courtlite designs its systems with maximum manageability. Studies of several sports facilities showed that an annual vacancy rate of 25% or more was very common. However, courts using Metal Halide lights have to leave their lights on continuously due to long start up time. The result is fully lit vacant courts that consume energy and produce no revenue.

A Courtlite system will provide the maximum manageability because it utilizes T-5 fluorescent lamps and multiple ballasts. This design feature allows for “instant ON,” providing three different light levels that you can choose based on vacancy or the type of event being staged.

Maintenance of T5 Lumens
Lumen maintenance, or how a lamp maintains its light output over its lifetime, is an important factor when considering your facility costs. T5 lamps maintain a higher light output than T12 and most T8 lamps, and they retain more than 95% of light output at 8,000 burning hours. T5 lamps feature an improved phosphor coating, which reduces mercury absorption. This leads to a higher lumen maintenance value. Also, because the T5 is smaller in diameter, it increases optical control efficiency and flexibility of luminaries.

T5 Productivity
While a 400 watt metal halide lamp has a life of 12-20,000 hours, a T5 long life lamp can last 60,000 hours. Metal halide typically have a lumen depreciation of about 45%. That means in just 3 years’ time, it will be 45% less bright than the day it was installed. Even if the lamp is still working, it will need to be replaced every 2-3 years just to get maximum brightness. Here’s something else interesting to consider – even though 400 watt metal halide lamps operate at 50% light output, you are still paying for the same electricity to power them!

On the other hand, when you take into account that standard T5HO lamps have 35,000 hour lamp lifespan, you can use them for 4,015 hours of annual use – which means a life expectancy of 8.7 years!

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