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Boeing Before
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This project consisted of replacing the lighting on nine indoor tennis courts at the Boeing Employees Tennis Club in Auburn WA. The existing Devoe brand lighting system was comprised of 26 6-lamp T12 fluorescent fixtures per court, for a total of 234 fixtures for all nine courts. The existing fixtures were suspended at 19’ and aimed at 45 degrees to the floor.  Courtlite worked closely with the local utility provider as well as the management at the facility to provide energy reduction, increase the light quality, and provide multi-level lighting controls. This allowed them to dim the lighting system during daytime hours when existing skylights let in natural daylight.  


3D rendering using lighting analysis software

Project scope Pacific Energy Solutions approached this project with several objectives: energy reduction, increased light quality, system manageability, and substantial project funding from the local utility provider, Puget Sound Energy. The Boeing Employees Tennis Club decided to install a version of the  Courtlite Pro lighting system, consisting of twenty-six 8’ six lamp T5 fixtures (13 fixtures per side) per court. The Courtlite fixtures were suspended at elevations ranging from  19’ to 26’ above the floor, and 6’ feet beyond the sidelines. The proprietary design of the Courtlite fixture allows the light source to be aimed at predetermined angles to the court for unprecedented uniformity from a direct lighting system. The existing lighting system was operating at full capacity 16 hours per day, as the T12 light fixtures had no dimming ability. Due to the multi-ballast instant ON/OFF feature, the Courtlite Pro system allows for the selection of  several lighting levels. The club is able to use different settings ranging from 3024W to 6084W per court during daylight hours when natural light is present, and at full power (9126W) during non daylight hours and for tournament play. The final results of this project include a an energy reduction of 253,330 KW Hours per year (44%) with an annual savings exceeding $16,000. Equally important is a dramatic increase in light quality.
Fixture description Existing T12 fluorescent Existing totals Courtlite Pro Direct Side Courtlite Pro Direct Center Totals
Quantity of fixtures 234 234 78 78 156
Lamps per fixture 6 6 12
Lamp type 95-W HO 54-W T-5 HO 54-W T-5 HO
Watts per fixtures w/ ballast 480 351 702
Total watts 112,320 112,320 27,378 54,756 82,134
Operation hours per day 14.24 11 11
Operating days per week 7 7 7
Operating weeks per year 52 52 52
kWh per year 582,195 582,195 109,622 219,243 328,865
Cost per kWh $0.064 $0.064 $0.064
kWh cost per year $37,260 $37,260 $7,016 $14,032 $21,047
Total cost $37,260 $37,260 $7,016 $14,032 $21,047
Total savings per year $16,213
Savings % 44%
Total kWh 253,330
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