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Courtlite Concept And DesignCourtlite Concept And Design
Courtlite Concept And DesignCourtlite Concept And Design
Lighting Concepts & Design
Whether you’re building a brand new tennis facility or are looking to improve the quality of an existing one, Courtlite has the solutions that you are looking for. Our sports lighting solution is effective, easy to maintain and energy efficient. Simply put, you can’t have an indoor tennis court without the proper lighting solution, and we’ve spent years refining our technologies and approach to ensure the best possible results.

We offer two primary tennis court lighting solutions as outlined below. These systems work with most building designs and customer’s needs. We also offer hybrid direct/indirect and custom designed systems for challenging architectural designs.

Indirect Systems

Our Courtlite indirect tennis lighting system is the most efficient, manageable, and easy to maintain system on the market. It’s built with cutting-edge technology that allows for big gains in energy efficiency, and every indirect system is built specifically for your facility. It’s a custom solution to a common problem. We offer both professional tournament-quality lighting solutions, and recreational-level solutions for facilities looking to reduce energy costs.

Direct Systems

More clubs than ever are switching to direct lighting. Our system uses a tiered design to minimize glare and relies on next-generation bulbs that are energy efficient and durable. Our direct lighting systems offer energy savings unmatched by any other sports lighting solutions. Courtlite systems ensure lower amounts of eyestrain with better, more visible light.

Give us a call and let us create a new lighting concept for your facility. We’re happy to perform a no-cost energy analysis of your facility or your construction project in order to determine exactly how we can improve your light quality and reduce your energy usage.
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