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Courtlite Rec
This indoor tennis court lighting system is the most energy efficient of all the Courtlite systems. It is designed to provide recreational light levels for every day club level of play; however, the light levels are still superior compared to most facilities in the US.


Courtlite Pro
This is the “king of the courts,” as this system is the highest performance system available today that provides excellent tournament lighting. Even with the Courtlite Pro’s high light quality, it is still extremely energy efficient. Watt for watt, the Courtlite Pro systems are the best tennis lighting system you can buy.

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Contact us today for a no-cost energy audit of your existing facility or your new tennis court construction project, and let’s see just how much a new Courtlite Direct Lighting System can save you.

Courtlite Direct Lighting Systems minimize glare and maximize energy savings, while increasing player satisfaction and improving the rating of your facility.

For information about DLC listed LED tennis court lighting click here

Our direct tennis lighting systems are ideal solutions for new tennis facilities or as replacements for existing metal halide lighting or outdated direct T12 fluorescent lighting systems.

Courtlite Direct is a unique direct indoor tennis court lighting system. Once you have played under the Courtlite direct system, you will understand why more clubs are switching to energy efficient LED or T5HO lighting.

What makes Courtlite a better lighting system?
Courtlite Direct is a proprietary lighting system specifically designed for indoor tennis facilities. Our system uses three tiers with unique angles to provide maximum lighting uniformity. Courtliteā€™s tiered direct system minimizes the glare associated with the old direct linear tennis lighting systems by moving them up and away from the courts. In addition to the system’s performance, the energy savings is absolutely incredible and un-matched by any other lighting system. The Courtlite Direct system is available in Pro and Recreational series and is designed for each facility based on the your individual lighting requirements.


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