Saving Energy and Money with T5 Lamps

Saving Energy and Money
Saving Energy and Money with T5 Lamps
Lighting can represent as much as 50% of your total power consumption. If you are interested in reducing your power bill through energy efficiency measures, look no further. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to reduce energy in a commercial setting is to utilize the T5 self-contained ballast.

The Solar Energy USA Commercial Lighting Division is proud to offer energy efficient lighting solutions through our T5 lighting adapters and bulbs. By using a special electronic ballast, our unique T5 lighting solution provides higher quality light and requires less energy per light fixture.

A T5 lighting retrofit does not require any special tools. Our adapters easily install into existing light fixtures including both T12 and T8 style light fixtures.

Benefits of the T5 retrofit converter
• Reduces your lighting expense by up to 78%
• Improved light output – brighter and more natural light
• T5 lamps burn 1.6 times brighter than T12 or T8 lamps
• Eliminates the cost of replacing existing fixtures
• The T5 lamps operate cooler than T8 or T12 lamps which reduces air conditioning costs
• T5 lamp and ballast are all one unit, which reduces the cost to replace future ballasts.
• Payback period is 9 to 24 months in most cases
• Return on Investment is 50% to 100+%
• 5 Year Warranty on ballast
• ETL approved

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