When you think about your facility’s primary expenses, what are the first things that come to mind? Surely you have to worry about maintenance and upkeep, along with the acquisition of new equipment for members and the constant costs associated with marketing and advertising. But when it comes to the core costs of running a sporting facility business, there is often no greater expense than energy.

Energy is what powers the vending machines in your building. It powers the computers at your front desk. And, most importantly, it powers the lights that illuminate your tennis courts. If you’re still relying on traditional lighting technologies to keep your courts lit, you could be wasting thousands of dollars each month on an inefficient lighting solution.

Courtlite offers both direct and indirect tennis court lighting systems that are guaranteed to give you big gains in energy efficiency. Among recent Courtlite successes: a country club retrofit that cut energy use by 47%, a revamp of an employee tennis club netting $16,213 in annual savings, and a 68% energy reduction in a project executed for a tennis center in Seattle. Those aren’t hypothetical numbers, but real results from real Courtlite tennis court lighting solutions in action.

If you’re looking to improve your facilities operational bottom line, retrofitting your lights is an excellent way to go about it. Not only do you gain massive energy savings, but you also end up with a more attractive facility that encourages members to keep playing (and to bring new recruits). Good lighting has more benefits than simply lowering your energy bill; it keeps your customers happier and gives you an easier time of ensuring their memberships continue.

Overall, the financial impact of a high-quality tennis court lighting solution is not to be underestimated. For more information or for inquiries please visit www.Courtlite.com or contact us at 425.422.1744.