School and athletic facility administrators have become much more conscious about waste in recent years. Recycling programs and other green initiatives have helped a great deal. But what about wasted energy in gymnasiums and outdoor courts around the country? Efficient sports lighting can deliver the same performance or better with half the energy currently used. Here is what modern solutions offer.

Efficiency for the 21st Century
The old style of gym lighting doesn’t work for several reasons. For example, 400-watt metal hallide gym fixtures use about twice the energy of modern solutions when comparing 50 fixtures to one another. Before you even begin monitoring lights remotely or using motion sensors to increase efficiency, T5 fixtures by Courtlite can save you about half your energy costs.

Once your team looks into ways to keep the lights off unless someone is using the facility (remote management is the best idea), you can save a great deal of energy for your organization. That means your sports lights solution is excellent for the environment and smart for your budget. Eco-friendly solutions usually are.

Total Environmental Consciousness
Recycling and composting programs keep a great deal of waste out of landfills, but any green initiative has to take into account how much energy a school or sports facility uses. Investing in modern lighting technology will require an upfront commitment, but the energy saving will pay for the upgrade in the near future. Estimates are available for any facility.

As you cut the monthly utility bills of your facility, you also set a positive example in the community. Students will take the lessons in eco-friendly behavior into every field they choose, while the local community will appreciate the leadership your company takes in going eco-friendly in your sports complex.

Sports lighting solutions can slash energy costs and make your organization more eco-friendly than ever. For more information or inquiries please visit or contact us at 425.422.1744.