Indirect LED Tennis Fixture

Indirect LED Tennis Top Indirect LED Tennis Side
Courtlite is proud to introduce it’s brand new indirect LED tennis lighting series. These fixtures currently offer the highest lumen per watt output in the industry. Using 54-63% less energy than a 1000W metal halide, our fixtures can significantly reduce your energy and maintenance costs. The Courtlite indirect LED fixtures can be suspended using a single cable making them a perfect solution for seasonal or permanent inflated bubbles. The fixtures can also be mounted on existing suspended wire way or be mounted using rigid pendants. The Courtlite indirect LED fixture also comes standard with 0-10V dimming capability, so various light levels can be achieved. Optional wireless dimming/ON/Off control is also available for custom lighting scenes and integration with court booking software.

If you are ready to take your indoor tennis lighting to the next level, please contact us for more information about our indirect LED product offerings.

Do you still use indirect 1000W metal halide fixtures to light your indoor tennis courts? This design has been a standard practice for many years, but a new era for indoor lighting has been ushered in. The recent advancements in LED lighting technology have now made it possible to replace old metal halide fixtures one for one with LED.
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