Running a sports facility is a behemoth task that requires the delicate balancing of revenue with a myriad of costs and expenditures. Supplies, rental gear, court maintenance, employees, and many other costs can quickly add up, eating into your bottom line and making it more difficult to keep your business growing. When looking for costs to cut or ways to make your organization leaner and more efficient, do not overlook the savings to be gained by switching to a more energy efficient lighting solution.

Here are a couple of reasons how leaving your old system for a cutting-edge Courtlite solution can have a positive impact on your cost of doing business.

Better Technology
Unlike old metal halide or T12 fluorescent systems, Courtlite’s energy efficient lighting fixtures rely on T5 fluorescent innovation. This technology allows for up to three times the rated lamp life of older fixtures, making for big savings when it comes to replacing and maintaining your sports lighting solution. Fewer and less frequent bulb replacements will lower your maintenance costs considerably.

Energy Savings
The energy bill at your sports facility is likely one of your biggest expenditures. It takes a lot of power to keep climate control moving and courts well-lit. Courtlite’s tennis lighting systems allow for a 40-70% reduction in energy costs thanks to efficient, innovative technologies. Simply put, switching to a Courtlite system can save you thousands in energy costs.

Overall, of course, the most important element of a sports lighting solution is that it effectively lights your facility, and does so in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing. Courtlite’s direct and indirect systems provide high-quality, beautiful light with energy efficient lighting fixtures. You receive better lighting than your existing system at a fraction of the lifetime cost.

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