Direct LED Tennis Fixtures


Courtlite® is proud to announce that after many years of development, the new Courtlite direct LED tennis fixtures and retrofit panels are now available for purchase. Our new LED tennis products are listed on the Design Lights Consortium’s qualified product list, which is a requirement to be eligible for rebates through most major utilities. One of the goals in developing these new LED products, was to keep the traditional Courtlite direct fixture design which has been very successful and popular with our customers for many years.

With that in mind, we were able to design an LED retrofit solution that would fit into our existing fixture bodies. This approach means that an existing Courtlite direct system, can simply have the fluorescent components removed and a new door panel containing all of the LED components installed in place of the existing lens door. Our new LED tennis lighting solutions typically save an additional 45-50% energy compared to T5HO and much more when replacing existing Metal Halide systems.

Courtlite LED systems are manufactured using reputable brand components including Philips and Sylvania LED boards and drivers. Courtlite LED systems come standard with 0-10V dimming capability, and can be merged with 3rd party components to achieve wireless control and integration into other control systems. The new Courtlite LED panels range in wattage from 60W to as high as 190W and offer light output from 20,000 lumens per fixture to around 100,000 lumens for our center style fixture. This wide range of available wattages gives us the flexibility to design an LED lighting system that will meet our customers light level and budget expectations.

If you are considering a lighting upgrade to your indoor tennis facility, please contact us for an LED design that will meet your lighting and energy saving goals.

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