At Courtlite, we’ve become a leading provider of modern, efficient indoor sports lighting thanks to our reliance on cutting-edge technologies and our customer-centric focus. Simply put, we believe in designing and implementing sports lighting solutions that are as useful and valuable to facility owners as they are enjoyable to club members and athletes.

If you’re considering building a new sports facility or revamping your current lighting solution, here are some of the big benefits available in our modern, beautiful lighting solutions:

Better Light Quality
Our tennis, racquetball, and basketball lighting systems have been demonstrated to provide elegant, clean light that allows your club members to perform at the highest possible level. Whether you’re relying on an indirect or direct lighting system, Courtlite will ensure that your facility receives the highest quality lighting possible, powered by the latest technology.

Less Maintenance
Courtlite’s T-5 fluorescent lighting fixtures are designed with longevity in mind and do not require replacement or maintenance as often as traditional systems. While it may seem small at first glance, longer-lasting bulbs and lower maintenance costs do eventually add up into big savings over the course of a facility’s lifetime.

Greater Energy Efficiency
Metal halide and other old lighting solutions burn off tons of energy as heat. Courtlite’s fixtures are designed to make better use of the energy available to them, resulting in massive electricity savings. Take, for example, the Mercer Island Country Club, a recent client. Courtlite’s technology was able to cut energy usage in half while providing higher quality lighting. Switching to a Courtlite system can result in up to a 75% energy reduction.

Courtlite systems represent the best lighting technology on the market combined with innovative and cutting-edge implementation. It’s not enough to simply replace the bulbs; finding efficiency and quality is all about overhauling the lighting system from its core design. For more information about Courtlite can improve please visit or contact us at 425.422.1744.