Every sports facility needs professional lighting. Whether you’re talking indoor or outdoor, the need for even and beautiful lighting is always present. Your guests most likely don’t notice it, but the way a basketball, racquetball, or tennis court is lit has a major impact on the players and the energy they bring to the game. Lighting is everything and often overlooked.

At Courtlite, we understand the value of proper lighting, especially in sports facilities. We know that your guests will always have a better experience with the right lighting solution in place. And we also know that as business owners, conserving as much energy as possible is a top priority. That’s why we’re proud to be one of the most innovative sports lighting manufacturers in the world, creating solutions that both please your guests and expenditures.

Case studies from recent Courtlite lighting deployments have shown big gains for facility managers in terms of energy reduction. The Mercer Island Country Club, for example, saw a 47% energy drop by implementing one of our solutions. At the Boeing Employee Tennis Club, we were able to reduce energy needed by 44%, and the Seattle Tennis Center is seeing an astounding 68% energy reduction from deploying a Courtlite system.

The energy savings are just one half of the equation. In every single project we’ve undertaken, we have been able to achieve better lighting quality with lower total energy use.

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